Human Growth Hormone FAQs: Are HGH Releasers Effective as Anti Aging Treatment?

What’s So Important about HGH?

A gland located at the base of the human brain, commonly known as the Pituitary Gland, controls the secretion of HGH or the Human Growth Hormone. HGH is an essential component of the body’s network of repair and regeneration system. It acts as the trigger to activate other hormones to regulate bodily functions. Activities that impact the body’s ability to grow and to heal, such as protein metabolism, tissue repair and energy conversion are dependent upon the presence of HGH.

HGH is the key accelerator towards the growth and development of the young human body and hence when the body has attained its fully developed form, the HGH secretion level gradually decreases. Research shows that in the elderly population, secretion levels of the HGH drops off dramatically, crippling the body’s ability to repair itself. Thus, geriatric signs and symptoms of what we consider as “being old” are attributable to diminishing levels of the human growth hormone. Even memory loss and decreased sexual libido are potential side effects due to deficient growth hormone concentrations.

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Why take HGH supplementation?

As the body loses its capacity to manufacture sufficient quantities of HGH , the aging process begins to accelerate. In order to decelerate the aging process, HGH concentration within the body needs to be replenished.

One method of restoring human growth hormone is by injecting the body with a synthetic form of growth hormone. Synthetic growth hormones are made by pharmaceutical companies to emulate the natural growth hormone. It has shown to be effective in transforming body composition through fat-loss and muscle gain, as well as improved skin tone and higher bone density. In addition, it showed promise in improving mental alertness, improving sexual drive and improving sleep patterns. It helps to make us look younger and feel younger as well.

Equally effective in reversing signs of aging is through the use of secretagogue-based supplementation. More commonly known as growth hormone releasers, secretagogue products such as GenFX and genF20Plus are herbal-based nutritional supplements. These herbal supplements act as catalysts to energize the pituitary gland to increase its own production of human growth hormone. Unlike synthetic hormones manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, growth hormone releasers are made of natural ingredients intended to activate the body’s normal growth hormone production. Popular brands of secretagogues include the GenFX hormone releaser, the Magna-Rx HGH, the Ultramax Gold, and the Genf20plus hgh releaser. The GenFX and the Genf20plus supplements are both manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility which means that they adhere to pharmaceutical-grade standards of quality and maintain the same level purity as FDA approved drugs.


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Are HGH products safe?

With a prolonged treatment of synthetic growth hormone, reported cases of men developing breasts and inclinations toward diabetes have been brought up as concerns. On the other hand, no negative side-effects have been reported from use of HGH releasers such as genfx and genf20plus. They are dietary supplements made of natural ingredients. Unlike other nutritional supplements, these hgh releasers are cGMP compliant and with guaranteed purity and reliability. Other brands of hgh releasers have suffered from lack of consistency in dosage from one capsule to the next. Therefore, their reliability and potency cannot be guaranteed. GenFX and genF20Plus are manufactured to the highest standards and potency across batches of pills are guaranteed to be consistent and free of toxic chemicals such as mercury. As a word of caution, people who are pregnant or have serious health problems should always consult with a physician to chart the best course of action prior to embarking on a regimen to improve health and/or nutrition related deficiencies.

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Which are more effective, injections or tablets for taking HGH supplement?

Earlier forms of HGH were extracted from donor’s pituitary glands and the injections thus created were highly expensive. Other methods were not effective as the HGH molecule being quite large cannot permeate into the walls of the digestive system. Since HGH releasers are not growth hormones, they are not hindered by having huge impassable molecules. Thus, they can be made into tablet form which is more affordable. HGH injection therapies may cost upwards of $20K to $50K per year; not to mention the pain and inconvenience of having needles inserted into your body on a regular basis.

How long can HGH be taken?

The manufacturer of genfx and genf20plus recomnends a daily intake for 6 months when first starting out. Then, discontinue use of the supplement for up to 1-year to allow your body to adjust to the new level of growth hormone. The manufacturer suggests that the body can continue to secrete higher levels of growth hormones for up to 1 year after discontinuance. The cycle can then be repeated. Other manufacturers suggest different timelines for their products. For instance, the manufacturer of Secretagogue-Gold recommnends taking the supplement on an empty stomach at least 2-3 hours before or after a meal to gain maximum benefits. The manufacturer of Vespro recommends taking the supplement on 90-day cycles with a two-week pause in between. In addition, the tablets should be taken before going to sleep at night and immediately after waking up in the morning.

How long will it take to see positive results?

You should take the supplements for at least three months to see real results. Yet, every individual is unique and so is their physical constitution. Therefore, people already having low levels of HGH may get quicker results whereas people with higher concentrations of HGH may not see results as quickly.

Is HGH only for older adults?

HGH is meant for any age group but the results are quicker and more prominent in the older generation as they receive a boost to their existing lower levels of HGH. As this hormone is responsible for a wide range of activities, it can be used by any age group to get the required benefits.

Can you overdose on hgh releasers?

Like most other supplements and prescription drugs, HGH must also be consumed according to the given guidelines. For the average human body, the specified dosage on the label should deliver an optimum level of HGH releaser into the bloodstream. By following the manufacturer’s prescribed daily intake, you can help to ensure that a consistent level of hormone releaser is maintained in the bloodstream throughout the day. It is more important to maintain this consistency to allow the body to regulate its own hormone production process. Overloading the body with excess growth hormone releaser does not guarantee that the body will be triggered to produce more growth hormones. There is a saturation point where the body ignores the excess. Thus, increasing your daily intake of hgh releaser does not necessarily translate to better or quicker results. Instead, you may be wasting supplements and money.

Can I obtain these products confidentially?

Get your supplements online from reputable companies. The manufacturer of genfx not only guarantees its product for highest quality, but it will also ship its products in discreet packaging to ensure maximum anonymity. Other companies may also package their products more discretely if you, the customer, specifically asks for it.

Do I get a guarantee?

GenF20Plus has a 67-day 100% money back guarantee. GenFX has a 90-day money back guarantee and also offers one free box of supplements. You should insist on a guarantee from any online supplements provider. Any reputable company with a quality product will stand behind its product with a guarantee.