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GenF20Plus Review: How Effective is GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser?

GenF20 plus is an herbal supplement. It belongs to a class of nutritional supplements known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Releasers. GenF20Plus is used to boost the body's production of growth hormone by stimulating the activities of the body's pituitary gland. Like other growth hormone releasers, GenF20 Plus can effectively increase muscle tone, help increase weight loss, increase energy, increase the body's metabolism and its energy conversion, and provide younger looking appearance. Unlike many other hormone releasers in the market, the purity of Genf20 Plus meets strict standards set by cGMP.

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Why Do We Need Growth Hormone?

The growth hormone is an essential part of the physical development of children. Kids with a deficient concentration of growth hormone will end up much shorter in stature than the average human population. Equally important, studies have shown that regardless of age, growth hormone is essential in regulating bodily functions. Clinical studies by doctors at prestigious medical schools and medical organizations have concluded that growth hormone is vital for every stage of life. As we grow older, a decreasing supply of the human growth hormone will lead to a more rapid rate of degeneration of our bodies; a phenomenon more affectionately known as aging. As part of the aging process, our bones become more brittle. We lose muscle mass while we gain more body fat. Our skin tone degrades and our physical endurance diminishes, not to mention our sex drives.

These clinical studies have shown that by increasing the body's concentration of HGH, the aging process can actually be reversed. In essence, bone density increases, lean muscle mass increases, energy level increases, greater resistance to common illnesses and even an decrease in body fat. In all of these clinical studies, the subjects were injected with growth hormone extracted from healthy pituitary glands of recent post-mortem, or were injected with a synthetic form of growth hormone. Both types of injection methods have shown to be equally effective in rejuvenating the body. It should be noted that none of the studies were performed on subjects for more than a 6-month period. Prolonged use of high doses of HGH injection may have negative side-effects. There are cases of men developing "man-breasts" after prolonged use of the synthetic human growth hormone injection. Another negative side-effect from long-term use of HGH injection is the strain that it places on the liver, potentially causing damaging effects.

Benefits of Growth Hormone Releasers

HGH releasers have proven to be an affordable alternative to the synthetic HGH injection method. HGH releasers have shown to be effective in building lean muscles, reducing body fat and in restoring youthful bodily functions and physique. Unlike doctor-prescribed synthetic HGH or cadaver-based HGH, a human growth hormone releaser, like the GenF20Plus, is not injected into the body. Therefore, it does not carry the excess cost associated with the injection method; not to mention the inconvenience of finding qualified clinics and making frequent visits to prescribed clinic to perform the injection. Instead, HGH releasers are constructed in a tablet or capsule form that can be taken orally. Molecules making up the releaser are absorbed naturally into the bloodstream via the intestines. On the other hand, the molecules from extracted HGH and synthetic HGH are too big and cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the intestines. Thus, synthetic HGH are rendered ineffective in a pill form and must enter the bloodstream subcutaneously. Additionally, the ingredients used in the hormone releasers are of natural origins and do not require a prescription. GenF20Plus, for instance, contains an optimum balance of natural occurring antioxidants (including resveratrol, acai berry extract and green tea extract), enhancing trace minerals (including GTF chromium) and a long list of amino acids and peptides to help strengthen immunity, regulate growth and metabolism and boost energy production. These over-the-counter supplements can be purchased in most reputable natural health food stores or can be purchased online. Although supplements are easily accessible over the counter and online, it should not be bought and used indiscriminately. It should be noted that all herbal supplements, including hormone releasers, are not manufactured to the same standard of quality. Use caution to select the right hormone releaser to ensure it is of the highest quality.


Comparison of GenF20 Plus to other HGH Releasers

GenF20plus is currently the top selling brand of HGH releaser. Its popularity is not by chance, but by design. GenF20 Plus is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, meaning that each pill meets the strict manufacturing quality requirements set up for Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Biologics and other Medical Devices companies. As a cGMP certified product, the purity of GenF20Plus content are well defined and its potency is consistently reproduced from one tablet to the next. On the other hand, HGH releasers that do not adhere to cGMP guidelines have suffered in quality and customer dissatisfaction. With some of the other brands of releasers, customers have complained of differences in potency from one pill to the next. Worst yet, toxic by-products such as mercury are detectable in some of these competing brands. Since they don't manufacture to the same specified cGMP process requirements, they do not guarantee the purity of their products. Unfortunately, the customer ends up paying the price for having sub-standard supplements. These second-rate brands may be effective in building lean muscles and reducing fats, but may also expose the consumer to other highly toxic by-products as well.

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GenF20Plus Recommendations

Significant levels of HGH begin to fall when you are in your 20's. The manufacturer suggests that both men and women over the age of 21 can use GenF20 Plus HGH releaser as a dietary supplement to regain and retain the desired level of growth hormone. People of all ages can benefit from an increased concentration of HGH. Especially in the elderly population where the levels of HGH are extremely low. Most people will notice having more energy and stamina during the first 3 weeks of use. Then most people will begin to see improvements in their physique and general appearance during the first three months of use. GenF20 Plus should be taken two capsules at a time, twice daily. The manufacturer suggests taking GenF20Plus for at least 3 months straight. Although GenF20Plus is found to be safe for long-term everyday use, the manufacturer recommends taking a pause after 6 months of use to assess the body's reaction. Then repeat the supplementation for another 6-month cycle.

GenF20 Plus Costs

GenF20plus comes with an unprecedented industry leading 67-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the results, the unused portion can be returned to the manufacturer for a full refund. One box of Gen20Plus contains 120 tablets and is equivalent to a one-month supply.

  • The cost of 1 box (1-month supply) is $49.95
  • The cost of 2 boxes (2-month supply) is $89.90 (a $10 discount)
  • The cost of 3 boxes (3-month supply) is $124.85 (a $25 discount)
  • The cost of 4 boxes (4-month supply) is $149.80 (a $50 discount), plus one free Infinity Health Center Membership, one free Better Sex Mall $25 Discount Card
  • The cost of 5 boxes (5-month supply) is $174.75 (a $75 discount), plus one free Infinity Health Center Membership, one free Better Sex Mall $25 Discount Card
  • The cost of 6 boxes (6-month supply) is $217.95 (a $80 discount), plus one free Infinity Health Center Membership, one free Better Sex Mall $25 Discount Card and Free express shipping to anywhere in the United States
  • The cost of 12 boxes (1-year supply) is $399.4 (a $200 savings), plus one free bottle of Omega Daily Fish Oil, one free Infinity Health Center Membership, one free Better Sex Mall $25 Discount Card and Free express shipping to anywhere in the United States





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